Waxed thread WEIXIN – One of the best polyester yarns, consisting of three polyester fibers. The yarn is colored at high temperature and pressure, so the color will not fade and fade with time. Round, smooth, well within the seam is easy to operate. The thread is resistant to water and sweat. The thread is ideal for the manufacture of Shambhala bracelets, macrame, sewing covers (awnings) for cars. A feature of this thread is a fundamental (fundamental) solution twisting thread in hand sewing. Available in 3 thicknesses and 50 colors. Selected footage makes it possible at a lower cost to purchase a large color gamut. Diameter (approx.) Length (meters / coil) M50 (0,55 mm) 50 m M40 (0,45 mm) 80 m M30 (0,35 mm) 110 m