XINGE – very durable, woven polyester thread (cord) for manual sewing. The outer layer consists of eight high-strength polyester fibers with a cross (reticular) structure. Round, smooth, moderately soft and elastic, fits well into the seam, easy to operate. Locking stitch can do with melting the tip of the thread. It has a specific tensile strength and abrasion resistance. The yarn is colored at high temperature and pressure, so the color will not fade and fade with time.
The thread is ideal for hand sewing leather goods (seat belts), sewing of seat belts, sports equipment, automobile seat covers (awnings), upholstery and more. This is a luxury yarn, saturated colors, is available in 2 thicknesses and 48 colors. Diameter (approx.) Length (meters / coil) M50 (0,55 mm) 50 m, M40 (0,45 mm) to 60 m.