Linen thread MeiSi – a rugged natural thread for hand sewing of high quality leather products. In the manufacturing process the thread waxing unique used that provides a perfectly smooth, flat surface along the entire length, gives a nice gloss and wear resistance.
The eco-friendly dye is resistant to UV fading, fading.
Round, smooth thread in the process does not stick to hands, and not hurt them in the long work.
Natural flax fiber does not melt and does not swell when wet.
Linen thread MeiSi resistant to deformation and stretching. In the process, the thread is not dissolved and not cloth.
Available in 4 thicknesses and 68 colors. Selected footage makes it possible at a lower cost to purchase a large color gamut.
Diameter (approx.) Length (meters / spool)
M60 (0.65 mm) 50 m / 200 m big spool
M50 (0,55 mm) 80 m / 300 m big spool
M40 (0,45 mm) 90 m / 350 m big spool
M30 (0,35 mm) 150 m / 600 m big spool
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