When individual sewing leather articles, each part (sewing leather, accessories …) is set, and makes a difference between excellent and good leather product. Invest in the best to produce the best.

Flax fiber is one of the most expensive natural fiber made from flax. Its production is very labor intensive. One of the main advantages of flax fiber – its low extensibility and therefore, its ability to hold tight knot, the quality and beauty of the weave . This makes linen thread ideal for operations that do not require elasticity. The natural look of linen thread seam gives it a special aesthetics.

Features and advantages of linen yarn:
* Not melted and has a high modulus of elasticity
* Elasticity linen yarn is almost zero, it is not readily stretched and dyed
* linen threads have high strength, which is increased (10-15%) when wet
* Good resistance to UV and high degree of water absorption
* natural product, which is used in the production of traditional and original product, providing an aesthetic appearance
* Linen yarn wear at the same rate as other natural m materials under
* Flax fiber decomposes naturally, and thus, is environmentally friendly solution
* This natural fiber, it does not melt and swells when wet
* Low stretchability at break, about 2.5%
* Satin linen thread has an excellent appearance in the seams on leather products
* Units are kept better than synthetic yarns

Linen threads are used by many well-known masters in the manufacture of its products from the skin. When sewing leather bags Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, etc. also used linen thread. The more expensive the leather product, the greater its percentage of manual labor.